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A good coach will change your body.

A great coach will

Golden Nuggets in a coal mine of life:

In the vast coal mine of life, I have devoted two decades to mining through the ordinary “coal” to reveal extraordinary ideas “golden nuggets” that can reshape your existence.

As a passionate coach, I constantly explore insights from diverse domains: human evolution, biology, behavioral science, biochemistry, neuroscience, philosophy and more. My job is to decode these complex ideas into easy-to-understand actionable steps that can improve our lives.


After 15000 hours and twenty years of coaching, I now focus on eight vital facets of Mind-Body mastery:


1. Relative Strength: Attain an ideal balance of weight, muscle and fat, increasing your immunity and prolonging health. Looking great is the pleasant side effect.

2. Endurance: Enhance your cardiovascular capacity to reduce all-cause mortality risks. Increase your VO2 max and become more oxygen efficient.

3. Organs: Without health inside, there is no health outside. Reveal your genetic and lifestyle health risks through hand picked blood tests, and create customized health plans.

4. Brain: Thoughts become things. Figure out your brains dominant and non dominant sides. Balance your brain chemistry and unlock untapped potential in mental realms.

5. Digestion:  All health begins with gut health. Lay the bedrock of well-being by fostering gut health and optimal nutrient absorption.

6. Sleep Health: Our rest ethic is directly proportionate to our work ethic. Maximize work and play through refined sleep hygiene and nutrient timing.

7. Joint Health: Preserve mobility, prevent injuries, and enrich your active life by dedicated joint training.

8. Breath: The most fundamental exercise of life. Control your breath, control your life. Learn how to use your breath to change your state of mind and body.


How I Can Empower You:


I may not have all the answers, but my deep and continual study of the above aspects has given me an above average understanding of each facet. I do not merely study and understand; I apply these principles in my own life.

Clients seek me out when they find themselves in a state of equilibrium - neither entirely perfect nor broken. They notice a physical/mental state where no issue demands immediate medical intervention, yet there remains room for improvement. In this delicate balance, I emerge as a unique coach, weaving together all aspects of their semi-perfect existence into a comprehensive coaching plan. My clients entrust me as their one consistent guide, addressing their often diverse needs.



Steel Gyms:

As the founder of Steel Gyms, India's most sought after personal training specialty gyms, I have cultivated an environment that fosters excellence and personal growth. Together with my exceptional coaching team, we have empowered clients to achieve remarkable results worldwide.


Generational Health:

Just as humankind bestows generational wealth, I am steadfastly committed to contributing ideas and systems that nurture generational health. Your transformation can be the legacy you pass on to future generations, illuminating paths towards profound well-being.


Join Me on the Journey of Empowerment

While I humbly acknowledge that I don't possess all-encompassing answers, my journey has bestowed invaluable insights. I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join this transformative experience. Together, let us unearth your true potential and manifest a life of brilliance. Your Golden Nugget awaits in the coal mine of life. Together, we shall illuminate the world! (1).png
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