Karan Johar


Kunal has been training me since 1 year (May 2017) and I’ve had the most amazing training experience with him. He has taught me everything I need to know about health, fitness, and nutrition and brought me back on track. The physical fitness knowledge he carries is impeccable. He makes workouts really fun and exciting. His training helped me lose 18Kgs and get fit. I can never thank him enough for guiding me with my transformation. May the force of fitness always be with him!

Rana Daggubati


Fat not Fit me decided to become fit and I met Kunal. He gave me a balanced idea on how to lead my life from there on. I was about 120 Kgs with a 41 waist. His scientific approach of getting things done helped me transform for project to project. I’ve interacted with many trainers and I kept coming to him as he is the best.

Rakul Preet


Heard his name a lot and came in through Rana. What Kunal specialises is that he has good knowledge on every organ of your body and how it reacts to specific food. Every body reacts in a certain way and he knows what he is doing. I had a sensitive lower back and he worked on that. I just follow his workout schedule out of the available machines I have access to at various places.

Tamannah Bhatia


My stamina levels were really poor when I started working out with Kunal. I definitely improved now as he changed my perception towards food and workout. His sessions are very effective and I need not have to spend 2 hours to get the body I want. I feel energised after his session instead of feeling tired.

Sudheer Babu


After working out with him, my ideology on six pacs has changed. I need not have to work hard on reps. He used to give smart tips. It’s a 6+ years journey and what ever was my goal as an actor, he fulfilled it. The credit I received for the movie Bhaagi, it should equally go to Kunal for sure.


Personal Training

With over 15 years of experience in fitness training and body-shaping, Kunal Gir is one of the most sought after personal trainers in India. He has guided a number of celebrities in achieving their transformation goals and helped several fitness enthusiasts in achieving the body and strength they desired. Known for his paramount commitment in training the clients, he primarily consults on a personal basis and schedules the regimen depending on the requirements. Affordability is not the only criteria to be fulfilled in order to receive personal training from Kunal Gir.

He engages in one-on- one training with those who are in pursuit of challenging and toughest of fitness goals only. To check Kunal’s availability and training slots, write to or share your details and we will get in touch with you.

Diet & Training Consultation

This online consultation service enables you to get a unique diet and training regimen designed by Kunal Gir himself! Tailor-made to client’s fitness goals, the program will be based on client’s full body assessment that involves blood test and scan. It will be fine-tuned upon an extensive back and forth communication with the client. Analogous to the design and engineering of a sophisticated building architecture, this program involves planning of customised diet and workout structure respectively for client’s fitness goals.
The training regimen is more than just a mere suggestion of exercises. It involves guidance on different variables like exercise tempo, speed, form, breathing technique, and effort levels.

Clients may implement the designed workout plan on their own or with the help of a trainer. This service can also be availed in conjunction with the Deuce Program. For more details, write to

Deuce Program

Clients have the chance to virtually train with Kunal Gir with the exclusive Deuce package! An experienced associate trainer of Kunal Gir will be personally guidingthe client. The training program will be scheduled and implemented upon seeking end-to-end inputs from Kunal Gir based on the fitness goals and requirements of the client.

To know more about the Deuce program, write to or submit your details here. We will get in touch with you.

Steel Gym

Launched by Kunal Gir in Jubilee Hills – Hyderabad, Steel Gym has been a prime choice of destination for fitness enthusiasts including many Tollywood celebrities to pursue their transformation goals. Spread across 12,000 Sq.Ft, this spacious fitness centre is well-equipped with international standard gym equipment and world class facilities. Led by a team of experienced and accomplished trainers, the gym offers personal training and nutrition coaching services. The gym also features an exclusive in-house canteen that caters to clients’ diet requirements.

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